-Trade Street, early 1960's

-Trade Street, early 1960's

About Us

Today the building that is at 127 W. Trade Street is still the original structure it was in 1906. The original tenant of the building was The New York Cafe, making it one of the first New York themed restaurants in Charlotte. In 1945 Mr. George Miller bought the cafe and transformed it into a haberdashery called, "Miller's Cleaners". He offered dry cleaning, sold the typical Fedora and repaired men's shoes.

The Miller family went on to rent out the building to a group of individuals who created one of Charlotte's first night clubs, Liquid Lounge. Then in 2007 Tilt on Trade was created, the name was created based on the physical structure, as the building rises 13 inches from front to back. Today the owners are working hard to restore the rustic charm of yesterday and proud to preserve one of Charlotte's original landmarks.

"We strive to offer a local uptown escape from urban life, by providing a unique, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere. Our patrons take pride in calling TILT, "my bar". "We are able to welcome a niche that corporate chains and other bars fail to attract."

Anthony Kearey